Why Elabels?

SaaS and private cloud deployment

10+ years of wireless software and hardware experience

End-to-end cost control model with a super quality product

A quick and customised solution as per industry needs

Dedicated brand goal and long-lasting partnership strategy


Change Page Automatically

Clients only need to set up the electronic shelf labels in advance, which will automatically and regularly trigger the page-switching function and display the set campaign content to meet the needs of clients for daily marketing activities, especially frequent price changes.


Installation of Elabels large-size electronic shelf labels in shelves, central areas and entrances to ensure efficient filling of traffic and increase the coverage and exposure of brand advertising in shops.

Change Stock Automatically

Connects the user's management system to the Elabels cloud ESL system, using data docking and dynamic fields. This enables the inventory data in the system to be automatically synchronised with the inventory data on the electronic shelf label screen.

Out of Stock Alert

When the number of products on the shelf is lower than the set quantity, the electronic shelf label of the corresponding item will inform the shop staff to carry out timely replenishment by flashing the light.

Product Positioning

The data interface connects the online platform with third-party systems to provide staff with a reference for picking routes by combining layout maps, and to efficiently improve picking efficiency by reminding them to identify the LED flashing lights of electronic shelf labels.

Shopping Navigation

When consumers click on the product they need to navigate from the app, the app will provide the best route between the consumer's current location and the located product, saving time and improving the consumer's shopping experience.

Consumer Interaction

Combine the Elabels electronic shelf label with the APP to open up the online store. By scanning the product QR code on the electronic shelf label, consumers can browse online for product/event information, and place orders, self-check and share reviews online.

Display management

Binding the Elabels cloud ESLs with the shelf facilitates the corresponding management of items and shelves, allowing staff to complete the display of goods in a quick, efficient and standardised manner, ensuring the neatness and beauty of the goods display

Brand upgrading

The electronic sensory effect of Elabels cloud electronic shelf labels is obvious, the specifications are neat and unified, with an overall visual impact, while the addition of technology helps to enhance the overall image of the shop and brand

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